STEM Month


My name is Fares Soliman. I am a fourth grade student from John Hill School Boonton NJ. I created a 3 STEM project. The first project that I made was a doll. I used pink yarn for the dress and brown yarn for the hair. I also used a round wooden ball for the face. The second project that I created was a diorama of a farm. I put some grass, trees, a barn, hay sticks, some animals, a bridge, a fence, some plastic food and corn for the crop. My third project was a diorama of a park. It has some grass area, a swing and a slide made of cardboard and aluminum foil. I also used some turf or the road and added a little pond. I enjoy creating dioramas and building things from scratch. I also love drawing many things. I learn a lot from STEM projects and enjoy them very much.

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3 Projects

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3 Projects



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