STEM Month

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Learning's in STEM


Can you share something you have learned related to a STEM topic you feel is important?

Answer: A stem topic I feel is important is math because you can learn many equation’s.

Can you explain why that topic is important to you, their families and communities? Answer: The topic that is important to our families and community is important because you can grow smarter and can learn a lot of things.

Mrs.Arms class.

IMG_20220208_114026 - Kirsten Genel Cudiamat.jpg (193 kB)
Kirsten Genel Cudiamat

IMG_20220218_125711 - Anabella Gonzalez.jpg (169 kB)
Anabella Gonzalez

IMG_20220218_125914 - Dominic Spezza.jpg (158 kB)
Dominic Spezza

Science project picture (With photobomb) - Durga Canakala.jpg (222 kB)
Science project picture (With photobomb) - Durga Canakala

Screenshot 2022-02-22 11.40.34 AM - Aidan Marrero.png (304 kB)
Aidan Marrero

Screenshot 2022-02-23 1.02.07 PM - Zoey Boyle-Fucaloro.png (12 kB)
Zoey Boyle-Fucaloro

Screenshot 2022-02-23 12.23.17 PM - Zoey Boyle-Fucaloro.png (11 kB)
Zoey Boyle-Fucaloro

VID_20220222_112633.mp4.mp4 (29602 kB)

VID_20220224_105756.mp4 (4733 kB)



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