STEM Month


We have a huge emphasis on STEAM in our school district. Our curriculum focuses on student-led hands-on challenges. Students are given problems to solve and they use the Engineering Design Process to come up with creative solutions. Although we like the solutions that students come up with, we emphasize the journey through the entire process. Students understand that even though they have a solution, they can still reflect on how they could improve their work further. We are fortunate enough to have an abundance of technologies in our beautiful STEAM Lab. The STEAM Lab is equipped with VR stations, 3D printers, one to one Chromebooks, iPads, Sphero Bolts, Makey Makey, and more! Students get a well rounded experience that includes engineering challenges, computer programming, 3D design, 21st Century computer skills, all while infusing the arts into the curriculum. Our hands- on approach allows for our students to learn skills that will last them a lifetime!

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School STEM context



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