STEM Month


Loudenslager Elementary School has a unique approach to teaching STEM education. The school library has been converted into a STEAM center. Each classroom is scheduled to visit the STEAM center for one class period weekly. The STEAM center is equipped with a variety of resources including robots, digital textiles (ex. 3D printer), Ipads, building materials, Promethean board, flexible seating, STEAM-related reading materials, agriculture materials, and a wildlife conservation station.

The curriculum is ever-evolving to meet the changing fields of STEAM. A new topic is introduced monthly focusing on academic vocabulary, hands-on student experience, and career exploration.

Some topics that have been taught include artificial intelligence, robotics & coding, animation, forensic science, construction design, climate change/ renewable energy, wildlife conservation, video game design, invention, biomedical science, etc.

The goals of our program are to expose the students to a variety of STEAM topics and to learn how to be successful team players. We do this by focusing on critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity & innovation.

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