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Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Engineering - (Ph.D.)


Biomedical Engineering

First Advisor

Vivek A. Kumar

Second Advisor

Eun Jung Lee

Third Advisor

Jonathan M. Grasman

Fourth Advisor

Emi Shimizu

Fifth Advisor

Dominic Del Re


Ischemic tissue disease is caused by a lack of circulation / blood supply to tissue. This can be treated by introducing a number of angiogenic (pro-blood vessel forming) factors into the tissue. This work presents strategies for ischemic tissue treatment utilizing a novel proangiogenic self-assembling peptide hydrogel platform. To demonstrate the utility of this platform, its use alone as an angiogenic therapeutic (both alone as a self-assembling hydrogel and with two-component systems), and its ability to vascularize implants is explored. Due to these angiogenic scaffolds demonstrating efficacy to regenerate microvasculature, this work evaluates diseases that can be treated by the regeneration of microvasculature - such as the soft tissue in the dental pulp and ocular microvessel healing.



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