Document Type


Date of Award

Spring 5-31-1966

Degree Name

Doctor of Engineering Science in Chemical Engineering


Chemical Engineering

First Advisor

John E. McCormick

Second Advisor

Avner Shilman

Third Advisor

L. Bryce Anderson

Fourth Advisor

Joseph Joffe

Fifth Advisor

Carl W. Carlson


The solubilities at 25°C of selected aromatics and straight chain alkanes in hydrotropic solutions of sodium xylene sulfonate and sodium cymene sulfonate were studied. The results of this investigation are shown on distribution diagrams relating the solubilities of alkane and aromatic in each phase.

Two methods were investigated to predict the experimentally determined solubilities. The semi-empirical solubility parameter approach resulted in answers that were extremely low. A purely theoretical approach involves the calculation of dispersion forces between molecules. An equation for predicting solubilities has been derived so that it is applicable to four component systems. This method results in values slightly lower but in good agreement with those found experimentally.

Because of the excellent physical properties and high selectivity of hydrotropic salt solutions, an extraction process has been proposed using them as solvents. Such a process should be both economically and technically feasible.



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