Document Type


Date of Award

Spring 10-31-1982

Degree Name

Doctor of Engineering Science in Civil Engineering


Civil and Environmental Engineering

First Advisor

John W. Liskowitz

Second Advisor

Richard B. Trattner

Third Advisor

Angelo J. Perna

Fourth Advisor

Robert Dresnack

Fifth Advisor

Paul N. Cheremisinoff


A problem exists in the removal of fluoborate from electroplating waste rinse water. The normally used waste treatment methods are not effective and the vacuum evaporation process now being tried is expensive and energy intensive. Experiments were conducted and an alternative treatment process which shows substantial removals of the fluoborate was developed. This can be effectively done using ion flotation techniques. A broad range of surfactants were screened for usefulness in this process and it was found that an aliphatic amine acetate was usable in this process. Operating parameters for the process were investigated, and the removal mechanism was determined to be the replacement of the acetate on the surfactant with the fluoborate, rendering the surfactant adduct available for removal by foam separation or ultrafiltration techniques. These foaming process studies and the studies into the utilization of ultrafiltration techniques provided data for the design of a feasible full size facility utilizing this process.



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