Date of Award

Spring 1979

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Engineering Science in Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Jacob Klapper

Second Advisor

Joseph Frank

Third Advisor

Sol Rosenstark

Fourth Advisor

Walter M. Gilbert


In this dissertation the dual differentiator version of the Klapper-Kratt FM detector family is investigated with additive Gaussian noise. Prior analysis of this new detector family has been limited to the noiseless case.

The investigation was conducted both analytically and experimentally. First, the dual differentiator version of the Klapper-Kratt detector was mathematically analyzed, assuming an unmodulated carrier plus additive Gaussian noise. This analysis was verified by assembling the detector and measuring its performance in the laboratory.

It was discovered that the Klapper-Kratt detector without limiter performs identically to the conventional limiter discriminator in the linear improvement region. When compared to the limiter discriminator, threshold occurs at a higher CNR in the new detector (without limiter). When a limiter is added to the Klapper-Kratt detector, the new detector exhibits the same threshold as that of the limiter discriminator. The detector was found to have extremely low delay and wide bandwidth. The analytical and experimental results were nearly identical.