Document Type


Date of Award

Spring 5-31-2015

Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy in Information Systems - (Ph.D.)


Information Systems

First Advisor

Murray Turoff

Second Advisor

Starr Roxanne Hiltz

Third Advisor

Michael Alles

Fourth Advisor

Jerry Fjermestad

Fifth Advisor

Michael A. Ehrlich


A constantly evolving regulatory environment, increasing market pressure to improve operations, and rapidly changing business conditions are creating the need for ongoing assurance that organizational risks are continually and adequately mitigated. Enterprises are perpetually exposed to fraud, poor decision making and/or other inefficiencies that can lead to significant financial loss and/or increased levels of operating risk. Increasingly, Information Systems are being harnessed to reinvent the risk management process. One promising technology is Continuous Auditing, which seeks to transform the audit process from periodic reviews of a few transactions to a continuous review of all transactions. However, the highly integrated, rapidly changing and hypercompetitive business environment of many corporations spawns numerous Enterprise Risks that have been excluded from standard risk management processes. An extension of Continuous Auditing is Continuous Monitoring, which is used by management to continually review business processes for unexpected deviations. Using a Delphi, the feasibility and desirability of applying Continuous Monitoring to different Enterprise Risks is studied. This study uncovers a significant relationship between the perceived business value of Continuous Monitoring and years of experience in Risk Management and Auditing, determines that all key architectural components for a Continuous Monitoring system are known, and indicates that Continuous Monitoring may be better suited for monitoring computer crime than monitoring strategic risks such as the loss of a competitive position.



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