Date of Award

Spring 1997

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering - (Ph.D.)


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

Rong-Yaw Chen

Second Advisor

John Vincent Droughton

Third Advisor

E. S. Geskin

Fourth Advisor

Pushpendra Singh

Fifth Advisor

MengChu Zhou


This dissertation presents a numerical analysis of particle deposition from a dilute gas-solid two-phase suspension in a divergent channel. The Lagrangian governing equations for particle motion include inertia force, viscous force, gravity force and image force from electrostatic charge on the particle. The incompressible two-dimensional turbulent flow field in a divergent channel is solved by employing a Κ-ε modeling technique with FIDAP finite element CFD software. A computational procedure is developed to incorporate the flow field into numerical simulation of particle trajectories from which the fraction of deposition is determined. Several divergent channels (half divergent angles of 0°, 7.5°, 10° and 12.5°) coupled with the combination of dimensionless parameters (inertia parameter 0.015 ≤ S ≤ 100, gravity parameter 0.01 ≤ G ≤ 100 and charge parameter 0.00001 ≤ Q ≤ 10000) are performed and the effects of these parameters on the deposition are determined. The mechanism of particle motion in a two-dimensional turbulent channel is understood from the analysis of particle trajectory and deposition.