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This booklet is an introduction to the use of EIES, Electronic Information Exchange System. EIES (pronounced "eyes") is a very powerful computerized system that allows you to communicate with others on the system in a number of different ways. The intent of this booklet is to teach you the simpler parts of the system and to make you comfortable with using the one-page User's Guide For Electronic Information Exchange System. Later on, as you gain more experience with EIES, you may want to learn some of the more advanced features and tricks. EIES has been designed so that you have to learn only what you need.

It's just about impossible to learn how to use a computer system from a booklet without some direct experience with the machine itself. So, don't be discouraged if some of the parts of this booklet seem confusing or hard to understand at first reading. The best way to learn about EIES is to use the instructions in this booklet and try them yourself to see what happens. EIES has been designed to be "forgiving"; that is, if you make a mistake, nothing serious happens. You can't hurt the system, so don't be shy about trying new things.

After reading through this booklet, plan to spend thirty minutes to an hour practicing logging on and learning to send messages. Try to find a time when you will be uninterrupted, if possible. After this beginning practice session, and with the help of this booklet, you should know enough to begin "messaging" other people and participating in any conference to which you belong.

This booklet contains sections on:

  • using your terminal
  • getting into EIES
  • sending messages
  • message sending shortcuts
  • text editing
  • the EIES directory
  • finding others in the directory
  • participating in conferences
  • getting printouts
  • shortcuts for getting printouts
  • special roles on EIES
  • etiquette and hints for using this new communications form
  • EIES terminology and jargon
  • EIES checklist
  • advanced features
  • selected references

If all you want to do is learn how to get into EIES and send a message, read only the first four sections. Save the rest for later. Read what you need.

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