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The Computerized Conferencing Center (CCCC) at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) has been researching on-line group communications for 17 years by developing and studying tools to advance the "collective intelligence". The Electronic Information Exchange System 2 (EIES2) provides a research, development and operational environment for distributed computer supported cooperative work (CSCW) systems. The EIES 2 distributed Smalltalk processor provides for rapid prototyping and implementation of muti-media CSCW facilities in the network environment. The Smalltalk support of the object model, and meta-language properties make it ideally suited for incremental development CSCW applications. The EIES2 communication environment supports a decentralized network architecture. Modern standards are used in the implementation of data structures, communication interfaces and database. The EIES2 application layer protocols support use ASN.1 data representation to access to an object-oriented distributed database via X.ROS remote operation services. EIES2 can serve as a foundation on which group work systems may be built and defines protocols that can allow them to inter-operate. An initial system presents a powerful metaphor of conferences and activities which provides an extensible framework upon which to add group work applications. Work to date has provided structures for information exchange, inquiry networking, information filtering, the on-line virtual classroom, and group decision support. This paper presents the system architecture model used for EIES2 and describes the implementation and current applications.

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