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The author is indebted to Murray Turoff for coauthoring the sections describing the EIES system and for his suppport and encouragement for this study at all stages. Mary Anne Solimine served as a research assistant, supervising the distribution, coding and tabulations of questionnaire responses. Without her diligent efforts, the study would not have been possible. Ann Marie Rabke, Joanne Garofalo, Diane Price, Duchess Brooks, Margaret Wnorowski, Christine Naegle, Sonia Khalil, and Marion Whitescarver provided valuable assistance with coding and data entry and editing tasks. Larry Landwebber was most cooperative in providing access to the Theory Net group. Alan Leurck, Thomas Moulton, and Sanjit Chinai are among those at NJIT who prepared statistical data from information on users recorded by the system monitor.

Among those who have made helpful contributions to the project are Diana Crane, Kenneth Johnson, Peter and Trudy Johnson-Lenz, Elaine Kerr, Ian Mitroff, Nicholas Mullins, Ronald Rice, Julian Scher, and Barry Wellman. Initial interest in the sociology of science was inspired by the work of Robert Merton, who of course bears no responsibility for the directions taken by his student. Last but certainly not least, Fred Weingarten, formerly of the National Science Foundation, has the author's gratitude for his support of research in the interdisciplinary (and therefore controversial) area of computers and society.

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